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 The court

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PostSubject: The court    Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:02 pm

The Court of the Chancellor

Coruscant. The capital planet of every governing body that had ever risen in the galaxy. Time after time, through the ages, Coruscant has been attacked, bombarded, devastated, and rebuilt. It has made its' image as a lasting capital through the years it was discovered. During this day and age, its' image as a strong capital has become no less. The Uthral Chancellor holds his political meetings and keeps himself well housed and seated in the throne of power. He leads the federation rightly and justly from the strong capital.

The court currently is divided into three divisions to balance power; the Judicial, executive, and legislative. The Judicial, the first of the three, is the division where the law enforcement system falls under. Without this division, crime would be everywhere. The supreme court handles the justice system and has kept the federation almost entirely clean of criminals since its' formation. The Judge of Court is the head of the judicial division.

The Executive branch is where the Uthral chancellor falls under. This division handles any military action and diplomacy actions. Under this division, the military operates under certain and strong leadership. The Uthral chancellor gives the ultimate decision for any sort of action proposed by the military or suggestion of diplomacy.

Lastly, the legislative division is the law making division. Here, laws are formed and sent to the Uthral chancellor for approval. While their main priority is to write and settle laws, they do have a bit of power over the judicial division in how they can sentence and punish criminals.

All three divisions work together to make the government of the federation function to its' fullest capacity. Here in the Chancellor's Hall, your voice can be made known to the court.
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The court
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