Star Wars, The Federation Wars

The future of the galaxy
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 The story-Timeline

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PostSubject: The story-Timeline   Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:30 pm

It is the year 43,231 ABY, nearly four thousand years since the original formation of the Galactic Federation. It is a time of undisturbed peace and tranquility, while the galaxy rests their weary heads under the rule of the Uthra Chancellor Queldric Karadoma. It has been this way ever since the warring faiths of the Jedi Order and the Sith empire had ceased. They realized their foolishness and what their wars had cost the galaxy, and ceased to fight. It took the role of one man, a reincarnated Jedi of whom the galaxy was very familiar with, to end the wars and the fights between them. This man was Anakin Skywalker.

In the year 39,231 ABY, he returned in his original form in order end the fighting between the two, which ravaged and destroyed the galaxy and left it for the scavengers. Before they could kill themselves, Skywalker returned to fulfill his purpose once again as the chosen one, bringing a true balance to the force before it was too late. In the battlefield, he gave his life in order to stop the Jedi and the Sith, aloowing himself to be caught in between the lightsabers of the Sith Emperor and the Jedi Grandmaster. With his dying breath, he asked that the fighting stop. The emperor and grandmaster realized their faults on the battlefield, and finally joined together as companions. The Sith became Jedi once more and the force was balanced permanately.

Jedi academies were set up all throughout the Galactic Federation, training both masters of the lightside of the force who were peacekeepers of the galaxy, and those who preferred the darkside and used it to aid the federation military forces. There was a nuetral balance in the force, granting strength to both sides and keeping them from fighting. The federation began to see the start of a four thousand year peace.

As is the course of fate, though, not all good things are allowed to last. Along the outer rim, around 43,189 ABY, an empire formed to rival the federation. The Emperor, named Keffah Man'Alorda, began a movement, rallying planets to his cause. He claimed to have the people's interest at heart, and that the federation would collapse and the Jedi turn on themselves once again. One after the other, the outer time turned into the Adricoran Empire.

The Empire was powerful indeed, with a strong fleet developed in the shipyards above a refurbished cloning colony on Kamino. Imperial ships began to sweep over the federation, claiming planets under their own name to bolster their numbers. The federation was caught with their trousers down, not having the appropriate time to react before the empire was at their doorstep with massive ships that seemed to appear from nowhere. They offered the federation a treaty that simply could not be refused.

While the federation continued with its' daily lives, the empire acquired another force that could rival the Jedi. They were a group of force sensitives who arrived from a very distant galaxy. They called themselves the order of the Idejj, and they were masters of the dark side of the force. The Empire welcomed them with open arms, allowing them to establish a temple on the ice world Hoth and make that planet their own. The Idejj had only one goal in mind, though; domination over the whole galaxy.

The Jedi sent out emissaries to the empire to discover what the Empire was planning. The empire welcomed them, showed them their plans and left nothing unsaid. They even mentioned the Idejj, but only mentioned them. The Jedi were grateful, and returned to the federation, reporting what they had heard and found. The Jedi began to research more and more what the Idejj were, and feared the worst after what they discovered.

When the federation had built up a force to rival the empire, and the Jedi trained enough to challenge the Idejj, an attack was launched. Not expecting a full attack on their borders, the empire retreated and abandoned that world, which was Svivren. It was the year 43,231 ABY, the present year, and this is when the war finally started. Who will win? Will the Galactic Federation and the Jedi order thrive and survive? Or will the Adricoran Empire with the Idejj more in to conquer the galaxy? The fate of the galaxy is in your hands.
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The story-Timeline
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