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 rules of the ring

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PostSubject: rules of the ring   Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:37 pm

Welcome to the arena! Here, we have few rules for you to follow. Please follow them, or be disqualified.

1: In each thread, post whether it's a death match or non-death match. This is important, lest you create problems with other members.

2: Follow whether it's a death match or not. If you kill your opponent when it's clearly stated that it's not a death match, you've only proven your ignorance and immature mindset.

3: On the other end, if your character is killed in a death match, don't whine and be pissed. You lost fair and square, and if you didn't want that character to die, you shouldn't have fought with him/her. It's a simple concept, so please understand it.

4: Finally, don't godmod. Simply put, you aren't all powerful or invincible, and you DO NOT have control over another members' character even with their permission. This is strictly forbidden anywhere on the site, so don't do it here.

Obey these rules and have fun!
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rules of the ring
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